Question of the Week: Do Calorie Counts Printed on Menus Deter You From Ordering a Specific Food Item?

Question of the Week: Do calorie counts printed on menus deter you from ordering certain foods?

The question of the week is written by Stacey Shipman, founder of Healthy South Shore.

I spent the past few days visiting family in southern California. When eating out, I noticed calorie counts on the menus. I never thought seeing the number of calories listed on a menu would deter me from ordering a specific food item.

Calorie Counts on Menus

To my surprise it did. The egg, cheese and ham breakfast croissant perked me up until I noticed the calorie count: 1200+ calories. I immediately searched for an alternative and settled in on the oatmeal with fresh berries and wheat toast. A far cry from the original croissant at only 400+ calories. Without the printed calorie counts I most likely would have ordered the croissant. (Note: the oatmeal truly was delicious!)

This experience, especially since I was a skeptic about the benefits of printing calorie counts, provides the inspiration for this week’s question:

Do calorie counts printed on a menu deter you from ordering a specific food item?

I’d love to know your thoughts, whether you’ve experienced this and how you responded. Care to share in the comments?

Stacey Shipman is a speaker, writer and founder of Healthy South Shore. Her goal: empower women to make healthy choices and do their best work. When not working you can find her practicing yoga, writing, working on a jigsaw puzzle, at the beach or spending time with her husband Michael and their two cats Luli and Habibi.

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